Пн. Июл 22nd, 2024

There are many animals who are treated badly, but thank goodness, there are also many kindhearted people out there who are animal lovers. 

Staff at one such organization helping those furry friends who have been treated badly is The Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption Organization.

The organization rescued a pregnant Chihuahua from a terrible herding situation in Kansas right before she was about to give birth. And when it was time to have the puppies, her foster mom got the biggest shock!

This is Josie Brown who helps this animal organization and became a foster mom to the pregnant dog.

Photo: Youtube

As soon as Josie heard about the pregnant chihuahua, called Laugh out Loud, she hurried to help. The furry future mother adjusted well to her new surroundings and foster mom and felt comfortable enough to have her puppies!

It was on National Puppy Day (so fitting) that her puppies were born and she did well surrounded by warmth and love from her new family.

But after her fifth puppy Josie saw that the little chihuahua mother still had a round stomach. She got a little worried, because she knew that a chihuahua in her size can only feed about five puppies.

“When we had about eight, we were like ‘whoa, she’s not done,’” said Danielle Reno of Unleashed Pet Rescue. “And then we got an update that we were at 10 and we about had a heart attack.”

But it didn’t stop at 10 as there was still one more to come out making 11 pups! Thankfully they were all healthy.

In the end, Josie realized the family’s proud chihuahua mom may have broken a world record for the largest Chihuahua litter on record According to the record books, never before had a chihuahua had as many as 11 puppies! It was a miracle.

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