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Turia Pitt, 24, an Australian, has it all: a gorgeous, a lover, and a lucrative career.

When the youngster nearly died in a fire on September 2, 2011, her life took a dramatic turn.

Still, Turia managed to not only survive the catastrophe but also to live a better life.

RacingThePlanet was hosting a 100-kilometer race that September day, and forty people signed up. The competitors were barely able to go a quarter of the way before the surrounding bushes and grass caught fire.

The organizers failed to take safety precautions in advance, and many athletes, including Turia, were consumed by flames, despite the fact that these kinds of fires are common in Australia during this time of year.

The girl saw that the flames were getting hotter and chose to go straight through them. As a result, she suffered third-degree burns, leaving 65% of her body charred.

Prior to the tragedy, Turia was a competitor in the Miss Australia pageant and had a modeling career. In a diamond mine, she was employed as a mining engineer.

She dated her classmate Michael from high school.

She exceeded her highest hopes, the youngster claimed. But everything changed in an instant. She recalled questioning herself throughout that terrible hospital stay why she was saved by the physicians.

Turia spent 864 days in hospitals overall. She underwent more than 200 treatments, one of which was the repair of her almost completely burned nose. Five fingers had to be amputated.

The wounds healed over time. But Turia was unable to make herself leave the house. She was afraid that people would notice her hands and face deformities.

Turia and Michael remained close throughout this difficult period.

Even though the girl was in critical care, he promised his father that if she lives, he would marry her and bought a diamond ring. “Excellent work, dude,” he replied.

Michael quit his work to take care of his hospitalized loved one, giving her baths, dressings, feedings, and teaching her to walk.

In response to questions from reporters regarding his rude behavior, Michael said, “My fiancée is still the same attractive and active person with whom I fell in love.” Her skin has changed, but she hasn’t.

Turia was convinced by Michael that being attractive is more than just having a perfect body. It shows up in the way we behave, walk, speak, look at other people, and act.

With his encouragement, the girl was resolved to make the most of her life.

“I had to go through horrifying experiences. I knew Michael was on my side, though. Turia states, “I was able to cope because of his love and my family’s love.”

In 2015, Michael Hoskins asked his girlfriend to marry him in the Maldives by putting the ring that she had been wearing for the previous four years on her finger. In addition, the pair welcomed Hakawai, a son, in December 2017.