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A furious man has taken to the popular ‘Am I the A*****e’ thread on Reddit to vent about a particularly uncomfortable position he has found himself in.

The man, who is referred to as Original Poster (or OP) and wishes to remain anonymous, wrote a lengthy post about something that recently happened when his sister and two 16-year-old nieces came to stay with him and his wife.

The man’s sister recently went through a very difficult divorce and no longer had a place to stay with her two daughters. So, she asked him if they could live with him temporarily, to which the kind-hearted man agreed.

The man’s wife is self-conscious about her hair

While the sister and her daughters were dealing with the trauma of her divorce, the man also had some pretty intense issues of his own.

His wife was sadly suffering from cancer and had been undergoing chemotherapy, the side effects of which unfortunately resulted in her losing her hair. This made the man’s wife incredibly self-conscious, and she found it difficult to venture out in public bald, so she decided to buy a wig that resembled her natural hair.

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The man highlighted in his post that he encouraged his wife to purchase and wear the wig, because he knew she immediately felt more confident when she wore it.

After they moved in, the man’s teen nieces became interested in his wife’s wig, wanting to touch it and wear it, and even questioned why she was wearing it. They apparently even asked the man’s wife if they could style and straighten it to see what would happen, but the woman said no. She also told her husband’s nieces that she didn’t want to take the wig off in front of them because it made her uncomfortable, after they’d asked to see what she looked like bald.

The two nieces play a prank

Though, not long afterwards, the man came home one day and heard his wife sobbing uncontrollably in their bedroom. He tried to enter to ask her what was wrong, but the door was locked.

He asked her if she was okay, and what was wrong again, and his wife eventually unlocked the door. He held his wife in his arms as she cried and told her husband what had happened while he was away.

The man wrote on the forum: “She told me she woke up and didn’t find her wig, then discovered my nieces took it and hid then urged her to come out so they could see her without it.”

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He continued: “My wife repeatedly asked them to give it back but they started laughing and recording, my wife got had to lock the door to keep a distance cause they didn’t stop. I was fuming I went into the kitchen and confronted them, they acted confused but I was able to get the wig back. I lashed out telling them they humiliated my wife and [embarrassed] her by taking away her wig. They said it was just lighthearted prank which made me go off on them.”

Eventually, the man’s sister got involved, telling him that his wife was being too sensitive and that her two daughters were just curious about what she looked like without her wig.

Though, the man didn’t accept this excuse, especially after he told his sister that her daughters were cruelly recording his wife. “I lost it on her too and told her she and my nieces are no longer welcome to stay at my home and they needed to leave,” the man revealed.

“I later let them know about the eviction since they thought I wasn’t serious and they started crying begging that I let it go. But my wife is no longer comfortable around them after what they did. My sister called our [elderly] dad and he begged that I let them stay and insisted my nieces were just acting like typical teenagers. He offered to speak to my wife but I declined,” the man’s post read.

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He then concluded by saying his sister keeps begging him to reconsider his decision but that he’s sticking to his guns. He then asks other people in the forum whether they think he’s in the wrong.

Internet users supported the man

Unsurprisingly, the majority of people in the forum believed the man was doing the right thing. “[Not the a*****e]. At ALL. For f***’s sake they were recording – they were actively trying to humiliate your cancer stricken wife. You better evict them. Your poor wife. Holy shit,” one person wrote.

They added: “[…] don’t let your dad even approach your wife over the phone. Seriously don’t – he’ll try to convince her she’s wrong and not those horrid brats.”

Another person agreed, saying: “‘They said it was just lighthearted prank.’ This is at the very top of my list as ‘things [a*****es] say when they do s****y things and can’t bear being held accountable.’ I know this chorus all too well, and I don’t believe it one bit. Why would they choose to specifically prank her about her disease? Why wouldn’t they apologize after the ‘prank’ – which was supposed to be fun – made your wife massively upset? Why would they record her, for f***’s sake? This is not a prank and was never meant to be one.”

What do you think about this incident? Do you feel the teen girls were just having a bit of ‘lighthearted’ fun or do you think it was more cruel? Let us know in the comments!