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A woman, 18, let her boyfriend move into her apartment without telling him that she owned the two-story building and was renting out the floor below her.

He got mad when he found out she was an owner and asked for half of the rent she got.

A woman was lucky enough to have her father give her a two-story house that was constructed to look like an apartment.

She knew she was lucky to live there, so while she was on the second floor, she rented out the bottom floor for $500 and made money without doing anything.

The woman said that the only reason she charges that much is because the flat is an hour’s drive from the city and 15 minutes from the closest store. These days, a pad like this would cost around $600 to $700, so her price was fair.

She asked her three-month-old boyfriend to move in with her when she was 18. He wasn’t happy with where he was living at the time and didn’t want to move back in with his parents. As a response, she told him he could stay with her for as long as he needed to.

He didn’t know she owned the apartment they lived in together for three months. They share the food bill, but she doesn’t ask him to pay the rent or the bills.

The woman didn’t tell her partner that she owned the building because she thought it wasn’t important. She only told a few people about it when the subject came up.

That being said, one day her tenants knocked on the door and told her that the freezer was broken. At the same time, her boyfriend heard what they were saying but didn’t say anything.

The woman took the tenant downstairs to see what was wrong and then told the tenant to buy a new one. Based on the receipt, the tenant was going to get paid back for the freezer.

When the woman went upstairs, her boyfriend asked what was going on with the freezer. The woman told him that it couldn’t be fixed. She also said, “I told him no, but [the tenant] was going to buy a new one and I would pay for it. He looked at me like I was crazy and asked me why the hell I would pay for her freezer, I told him that because I am her landlord [sic].”

The boyfriend lost it at that point and began yelling at his girlfriend. He told her she was evil for hiding the information from him. Even after she said she was sorry, he kept criticizing her.

It was also said that landlords only cared about money and that he couldn’t believe he was seeing one.

“If I didn’t give him half of the rent money, he thought I was just as bad as he thought,” she said. The woman’s boyfriend ignored her for a while, even after she said she was sorry for not telling him she owned the house.

She broke up with her boyfriend, even though she thought it was a snap decision at first. But she asked her dad to stop by and stay by the driveway while they talked.

Her boyfriend asked her to say sorry and asked why she didn’t want to give him some of her money that day.

He said, “You shouldn’t have any trouble giving any of that money away if you don’t rent out to steal people’s money.” The woman asked her boyfriend why he would take the money if he thought landlords were bad people who only rented out rooms for cash. She also asked him if he wanted her to give the other half to an organization that helps people find housing.

The woman remembered that her boyfriend had called her selfish and said he wished he had never met her, but her memory was foggy afterward. He also said he would show her to her friends and tried to punch a hole in the wall but failed.

The woman then sent her dad a message, and he came upstairs. “My boyfriend laughed and told us both that he didn’t want to see us again and left,” she said.

Many Redditors said what they thought and agreed with the woman. Some people also told her to change her locks, even if her boyfriend didn’t return the keys.

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