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Upset father of mixed-race children has gone public with the news that he secretly obtained a paternity test for their child who “doesn’t look half-white,” much to the disapproval of his wife.

The 29-year-old father went on Reddit to reveal that he had doubts about his son’s identity due to his ‘noticeably darker’ complexion compared to his 30-year-old Black wife.

He explained that his inability to form a connection with his son stemmed from his disbelief that he was the biological father and that this led him to secretly have a paternity test.

In a discussion headed, ‘Am I the A**hole?,’ the unnamed father wondered if he was wrong for concealing the results of a paternity test from his wife.

One parent of mixed-race children has ignited intense controversy after admitting, “Behind my wife’s back,” that he had a paternity test done on his child since she “doesn’t look half-white.”

One father of mixed-race children has incited indignation after admitting, “I obtained a paternity test behind my wife’s back since one of our kids “doesn’t seem half-white.”

I am a Caucasian male, 29 years old, according to the post. My wife is 30 years old and black. We have two kids, a three-year-old girl, and a five-year-old boy.

We were just starting out when my wife became pregnant with our son. There had been a year between us. She became pregnant, which led us to tie the knot. The good news is that we are truly content.

I claimed my son as my own the moment he was born. But I couldn’t help but notice how unlike he seemed to me.

My wife is far lighter-skinned than he is. You can’t tell he’s half-white. Many people have asked me whether I’m certain he is mine. Despite my reservations, I first chose to put my faith in my wife. My affection for my son was unwavering.

They had a daughter two years after having a son.

The father felt an immediate bond to his newborn daughter since she resembled him.

He had no reservations about her at her birth, but it made him hate his son more.

“Our daughter was born when our son was two,” he went on to explain. “I was certain she was mine.”

She shares my features and even my blue eyes. Being able to claim a child as your own is an incredible feeling.

Because we weren’t constantly dealing with the question of who was the biological father, I was able to form a stronger bond with her.

Even my relatives grew close to her more quickly. I knew my son was not mine when I saw how much she resembled me.

The man said he couldn’t stand the thought of raising “someone else’s child” and that his growing frustration stemmed from his belief that his wife had “betrayed” him.

He had attempted to treat his children as “equals” throughout their lives, but he was unable to do so anymore.

The man added: ‘I realized I was beginning to resent my son. It felt unfair that I had to care for someone else’s child. I also began to resent my wife because I felt she had betrayed me.’

To calm himself down, he decided to get tested for paternity. The decision to keep it a secret from his wife was his own.

His connection with his son and wife both blossomed after he learned the boy was indeed his.

I had a paternity test done behind closed doors at last. Finding out that my son is indeed mine was a relief. Genetics is a mystery.

I had a tremendous improvement in my relationship with my children and wife after that four-month period. Knowing he is mine has brought us much closer. I was thrilled to hear that my wife and I were discussing the possibility of having a third kid.

The secret he had kept from his wife started to gnaw at him, even if he was happy. Confession to her it was.

“I told my wife I had a paternity test,” he stated. “I hated keeping the secret and I thought she would understand given how much he doesn’t look like me.”

His wife, on the other hand, reacted rather differently and was furious upon learning about his secret activity.

‘She flipped out. She asked me if I ever doubted our daughter, and when I said no she called me racist. It’s not true. I didn’t prefer my daughter because of her whiter features, I just knew she was mine.

‘She also said that I made our son feel unloved for no reason for all those years. I said that’s bull. Even when I didn’t believe my son was mine, I treated him as though he were,’ he added.

The man’s wife, who is 29 years old, is now threatening to leave the family and take the kids with her.

“So far, I’ve been seated on the couch for the past week and a half,” he continued. Things still haven’t altered, even though I was hoping she would’ve cooled down by now.

‘She’s just so furious with me for not trusting her and for in her eyes, denying my son because he’s dark. She barely talks to me unless it’s about the kids. I don’t want to lose my family.’

He ended his message by asking whether he was a ‘a**hole’ for having ‘doubts,’ and he went on to say that he didn’t get why his wife was ‘overreacting’ and that his marriage was “wrecking.”

Many users on the site were outraged by the father’s admission and severely criticized him for his actions.

One person commented: ‘You’re the a**hole. She is absolutely not overreacting. You not only did not trust your wife, you let your ignorance get in the way of your bonding with your child.

‘I mean, what did you think was going to happen when you had biracial children? It’s not always a perfect mocha mixture of both parents.

‘You may get that, you may get a kid who is white as a vampire or as dark as Wesley Snipes. You really need to suck it up and beg for forgiveness and then you need to fix that ignorant way of thinking that you have.

‘Your son is going to need you. Being a black man in this world is not easy’

Someone else wrote: ‘He even says his family didn’t bond with him as much as his lighter daughter. Sounds like being racist lies in the family too. Poor kid deserves better.’

People were not pleased by his actions and support his wife when she reacted furiously. But what’s your opinion on this?

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