Пт. Мар 1st, 2024

An engagement took a dark turn for a woman. Eight months after a heartfelt proposal, the couple excitedly planned their wedding.

However, just days before the ceremony, the fiancé shocked his bride-to-be with an outrageous request—his father was to inspect her hymen to verify her virginity in front of male relatives, a custom in their family.

Initially thinking it was a joke, the woman soon realized her fiancé was dead serious. The prospect of such an invasive and humiliating examination left her torn and skeptical.

Seeking refuge at a friend’s house, she ultimately confronted her fiancé, staunchly refusing to undergo the degrading ceremony. Instead of understanding, he accused her of lying and escalated the confrontation, resorting to physical violence.

Heartbroken, the woman realized the man she loved was not who she thought. In a painful decision, she called off the wedding and ended the relationship. The aftermath was emotionally challenging, but with the support of friends, she embarked on a journey of healing and self-discovery.