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The way Cher’s jaw drops at the end says it all.

Everyone knows Cher’s “Believe” song, which has been part of the music industry for years.

It’s not new anymore to hear it performed by her fellow artists. However, this particular rendition made an exception.

Adam Lambert performed phenomenally when he serenaded the music idol with her song during the Annual Kennedy Center Honors.

Lambert gave a unique twist to the famous 1998 song.

His heartfelt ballad-like version of the classic song has brought Cher to tears.

While Adam Lambert soulfully sang his heart out, the camera got a hold of the famous singer as she wiped away a tear from her eyes.

It can be felt that even the audience was in awe of his presence on stage as they sang along with him.

The crowd was made up of people who had significant artistic achievements in their lifetime, like country star Reba McEntire, Philip Glass, Lin Manuel-Miranda, jazz composer Wayne Shorter and the group who performed at the Hamilton.

The annual awards ceremony is one of the most prestigious honors that an American performer can have.

This means that singing in front of such honorable people is already a remarkable experience, and to even impress them just shows that Adam Lambert is really one of the most sensational singers.

Adam Lambert already had a successful career, but it seems that he has a lot more to achieve.

The singer started his career on “American Idol,” where he won second place in its eighth season.

Some of his songs had already been recognized in many charts, and people took note of his passion for his craft.

Due to his remarkable path in the industry, he was invited to be part of the Queen’s sixth concert tour.

This made him become one of the legends in the music industry.

What’s more surprising was that he was even asked to have a full-time part after hearing positive feedback from those who have watched him perform.

He became Queen’s new frontman and performed for several worldwide tours.

The founding guitarist of the band had been quite a fan of Lambert’s voice quality and range.

Brian May commended how Adam Lambert’s voice has evolved throughout the years and even noted that he somehow resembles Freddie Mercury’s passion for music.

No wonder why he was able to amaze Cher during his notable performance.

The iconic singer even posted on Twitter and expressed her feelings on how well he was able to pull off his performance in the ceremony.

Cher was so overwhelmed that she could not find the right words to express how much she appreciated Lambert giving her song a one-of-a-kind twist.

Lambert sure knows how to ‘wow’ his audience, whether it is through his song or channeling other artists.

Many people await his future performance and how he will be able to hit those high notes.

Adma Lambert is an astonishing entertainer who would not disappoint, especially during his performance.

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