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The young student wed a 70-year-old retiree as was traditional. Xiao remained unhappy in the days preceding the celebration; it was only reasonable for the young woman to be concerned about the unequal marriage.

The student didn’t object to attending the wedding with her parents, and that evening the bride’s true age was accidentally revealed by the groom. Family Xiao Qu belonged to the lower middle class. The girl’s parents got her engaged without even paying a dowry because they had always wanted their daughter to marry a wealthy and illustrious man.

The student was unable to do so because it is illegal in China to disobey parents. He was grieving and modestly getting ready for the wedding. Meetings with the retired groom increased in frequency, and Xiao noticed something odd about them each time.

The man was really engaging, kind, and polite. After a while, the girl noticed her concerns about the wedding had subsided. With time, his respect for the elder guy rose. The young couple left the ceremony as arranged when it was time for them to.

The husband requested the bathroom, so he instructed Xiao to watch the door. The girl was startled to discover a young man there rather than an elderly person when she came after hearing his call.

We spent about six hours on the explanations. It turned out that Xiao’s fiancée was a billionaire businessman from a distant region of the nation. In order to initially pique real interest in his partner’s character, he purposefully pretended to be a 70-year-old man.

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