Пт. Июл 19th, 2024

As soon as you turn on this video, you will immediately understand who is the main character and “organizer” of this fun. A 2-year-old girl, having got into an adult sports training, decided to show everyone how to dance, and do it as incendiary as possible. The most touching thing in this video is that the girl did not take her eyes off her ”students”, so that they performed the basic movements on time and as correctly as possible. Be sure to watch this positive video and don’t forget

Share it with all your friends! We used to think that the charge of a person’s vitality is maximum in childhood and minimum in old age. This conclusion is based on observations of oneself and other people. But this is a mistake! Perhaps there are no people next to you who live differently. And in my environment there are such people, and I draw the following conclusion: at birth, a person is given an optimal charge of vitality, designed to ensure that the newborn becomes a person not only in fact

His birth in the human form of the body, but also according to the content of the inner world by a measure of upbringing, education, civilization, capacity, and so on. This charge determines and ensures our life until adulthood. And then the situation changes. How is an adult different from a child? The fact that a child lives by innate abilities, and an adult lives by his own achievements. In an adult, the charge of vitality is determined by the qualities and quantities of what has been achieved.