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It’s almost time for Christine Brown to take her place in the bridal procession!

After David Woolley proposed to Christine earlier this month in Utah, the Sister Wives actress said “Yes” to her longtime boyfriend’s proposition. Christine is 50 years old.

Christine shared with PEOPLE in an exclusive interview that David “treats me like a queen” and “tells me I’m beautiful every day.” “I’ve never experienced love like this before, and the world looks like a much better place because he’s in it,” she said.

She continues by saying, “I’m so excited for the wonderful adventure that we are going to embark on for the rest of our lives.”

On Valentine’s Day, Christine made their relationship public for the first time by uploading a number of images of the two of them together. One of the photos included the two of them gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes as Christine was holding one of her grandkids.

Alongside the picture carousel, she penned the following caption: “I finally found the love of my life, David.” “When he held me close for the very first time, it was as if my soul was taking its very first breath.”

“He is a beautiful and compassionate person, amazing with my children, and an absolutely gorgeous grandfather. “I never dreamed I could find a love like this,” the reality star said. “It’s beyond my wildest dreams.”

At the end of her message, Christine included a number of hashtags and said that she is now “feeling good” and “blessed.” Additionally, she referred to David as her “soulmate.”

Prior to marrying David, Christine had been married to Kody Brown for over 26 years till the couple declared in November 2021 that they were no longer together.

Christine said that she had been “exclusively dating” someone for a short time before she went public with her romantic involvement. On February 8, she wrote on her Instagram Story that “He’s everything I’ve been looking for.” She described him as “wonderful,” “romantic,” and “so kind.”

In March, Christine provided an inside look into the joyful new life she was building with David.

Christine, who has 1.1 million followers on Instagram, posted a picture of the pair enjoying a moment from their “wonderful weekend” together in Utah to share with her audience.

She added in the description, “Life is short, so why not take a wonderful weekend getaway for some fun new adventures,” and it was included with the photo. “It is so much joy to have a companion to go on all of these exciting new excursions with. We just could not get enough of the breathtaking scenery. Utah is a lovely area, and it has a lot of hidden treasures for people to discover.

Christine had a weekend trip with Wooley and Truely, Wooley’s daughter before she told Truely and Wooley the wonderful news that she was getting engaged. The group of three vacationed in California, where they went to a number of well-known tourist destinations, including Universal Studios.

Brown posted the highlights of her “adventures” on Instagram, which included pictures of the three of them beaming as they posed at the beach, ate huge doughnuts, and visited the Hogwarts castle at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

“Experiencing new things and accumulating new memories have always had a special place in my heart. I have been sufficiently lucky to have the opportunity and the leisure to create these foundational memories with my children. She said that spending the weekend traveling with David Woolley and truly in California at Unistudios had been a lovely experience.

However, there were so many wonderful moments that Brown couldn’t possibly fit them all into a single Instagram post. Instead, she shared another set of images with her followers and captioned them, “More EPIC experiences with some absolutely epic people.”

After marrying Kody four times, Christine was the first of his wives to walk away from their polygamous relationship. It was determined that Kody had ended his marriage to both his first wife Meri Brown and his second wife Janelle Brown one year after she had left. Robyn Brown, his fourth wife, is the only one he is married to at the moment.