Ср. Апр 17th, 2024

Possibly, some Internet users still recall the amazing wedding images of this couple.

Irina and Alexander made the decision to dress differently for their wedding photography session 11 years ago.

Unexpectedly, their explosion images sparked a lot of curiosity from users all around the world.

The Network then quickly began to promote its bizarre tale.

In addition, everyone assumed that following their wedding, they would shortly be divorced.

However, they are still together and even have children, which brings happiness—much to the users’ chagrin.

They actually caused people to either be astonished or laugh at them because of their peculiar and distinctive appearance.

The period-appropriate attire and costume gave off a medieval vibe.

They appear to be filming scenes for a fantasy film, such as one in the “Dracula” series, to which only emos and goths should be invited.

But all they wanted was to stand out on their special day.

Furthermore, they cared for one another so deeply that their family has existed for 11 years.

The charming daughters of the couple are Lada and Elisha.

The well-known couple provides everything for their two daughters.

Alexander is currently a well-known photographer who frequently posts images of famous people.

Irina, who just turned 37, is also quite busy running her business.

She is a wonderful mother and her husband’s and her girls’ best friend.

They lead hectic lives, as the woman claims, but they also share a strong bond and support one another.

That is the source of their joy.