Чт. Июн 20th, 2024

Leonardo DiCaprio split up with his longtime love, model Camila Morrone, last summer. Then, a number of conspiracies about the famed Hollywood bachelor simply refusing to date women above the age of 25 started to circulate online.

The fact that Leo was dating Gigi Hadid, which the journalists knew, temporarily put an end to the allegations. However, it was missing. Evidently, there was no growth in their relationship at all. The couple is no longer together at this point.

But DiCaprio attended Coachella-2023, a music event now taking place in California.

Naturally, the star bachelor was the center of attention for the paparazzi.

Imagine the shock of Internet users when news broke in the media that he was spending time not with a different young model, but rather right next to Irina Shayk.

Reporters claimed that Irina and Leo are now more than just friendly acquaintances.

Internet users, however, find it difficult to believe.

First of all, Shayk and DiCaprio have been close friends for a long time and may socialize together as a result. And secondly, Irina is older than Leo, which was not so long ago a topic of active discussion online.

Some admirers, nevertheless, continue to think that celebrities are more than just buddies. They start to worry a lot about Bradley Cooper’s health.

Remember how there were persistent allegations in the news previously that he had reconciled with his old partner? But since then, there has been no word from them.