Ср. Апр 17th, 2024

The singer’s fans were quite frightened when a video of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck surfaced online.

They start to worry that the happiness that once pervaded Lopez and Affleck’s relationship is no longer there.

The future of the celebrity couple’s marriage is also a significant unknown.

Fans of the singer came to this conclusion after seeing another in-public argument between the spouses on film.

The above-mentioned video shows the moment Ben and Jennifer get inside the automobile while they are walking along.

Both simultaneously exhibited a very melancholy appearance and avoided eye contact.

And Ben slammed the door with an irritated expression as Lopez climbed inside the car.

Of course, one of these occurrences might simply be coincidental and not cause concern. But the reality is that this was not a singular incident.

In fact, the couple fought in front of others the day before when they got together for the launch of a new movie with Jennifer.

Additionally, as shown in the numerous paparazzi images of the relationship, Ben is frequently unhappy and sometimes even wholly miserable while he is with Jennifer.

The legendary scenario that took place at the Grammy Awards in February of this year served as the climax in this regard.

Then Ben’s expression became into a “meme” since he appeared so bored and unsatisfied.

Jennifer even made a public joke about this subject in an effort to lessen the impact of her husband’s actions.

She then released a picture from the ceremony on her page and humorously signed it:

“My husband’s joyful face.”

Remember that it was less than a year ago that Affleck and Lopez officially became husband and wife.

The couple wed in August 2022 after their initial romance began in the early 2000s.

And at first, it appeared that everything would go their way this time.

But it appears that Jennifer, whose fourth marriage is already underway, is simply not meant to find happiness in family life.