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This precious moment is winning hearts all over the internet.

The first time a baby smiles at you is a magical thing.

Their toothless, chubby grins can melt even the hardest of hearts.

One young girls smile turned out to be the key to her early adoption.

Baby H, so named because of adoption protocols, was lounging in her new home, with her new family, when she showed them her adorable smile.

At 8 months old, this was the baby’s first real smile, not one brought on by gas.

She looked up at her new mom and lit up the whole room.

“Oh, that is the cutest! Can you show me again?” her mom can be heard saying in the video, and again came the grin from the adorable child.

She could obviously tell that her mother loved the smile and so she showed her as often as possible.

Baby H’s smile stretches from ear to ear and light up her eyes at the same time.

The child is absolutely beautiful and her sweet smile only adds to her cuteness.

Though her parents said the goofy grin only lasted a few weeks, they luckily caught it on camera and were able to share it with the world.

Stephanie Thompson, the director of the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network was also smitten by the little girl.

Stephanie was in charge of Baby H’s adoption process but had never actually had a chance to meet the child, and she was awed by the girls smile.

“I walk the journey with the expected parent and the child, so when I have a chance to meet them, it brings it full circle. I can’t explain the joy that it brings to me.”

Though it is true that people with Down syndrome do experience some cognitive delays, they still feel all the emotions of a person without the disorder.

And Baby H clearly showcases the joy she feels at knowing she is safe and cared for by her adoptive family.

And the love in her mothers voice when she encourages the baby to smile again really demonstrates the love that she has for her.

The adoption process can seem long and tedious, but it is important that the right child be placed with the right parents.

Anybody who is considering adoption should do their research and realize that what they are getting into is a lifelong commitment.

From infant to adult, these children will need extra love and care; and this is not just for children with Down syndrome but for every single child.

Children do not choose to be separated from their birth families and it can be a very traumatic experience.

However, with love and care and attention, these children can grow into strong, healthy adults who know they always have their family around to support them.

Baby H, though still young, clearly knows that she in a safe and loving home and that her new parents will always love her.

And how could they not with a smile so cute!

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