Пт. Июл 19th, 2024

A recent incident took place at the Louisville Zoo where an orangutan expressed curiosity and sought a closer view of a young visitor. Captured in a viral video filmed by Kayla Jaylen Natsis, the footage depicts an inquisitive orangutan at the zoo using gestures to draw attention towards a 3-month-old child, as reported by ABC News.

In the video, the orangutan taps on the glass enclosure and directs its attention towards the human baby, prompting the parents to bring the child closer to the glass. Responding to this, the orangutan moves nearer to examine the child, eliciting an endearing “Aww” from the spectators.


Several individuals on social media identified the orangutan as Amber, a 35-year-old primate who has been residing at the Louisville Zoo since 1996. According to the zoo’s website, Amber often engages with visitors by tapping on the glass and indicating their purses and backpacks, displaying a desire to get a closer look.

An earlier TikTok video showcased the same orangutan, believed by commenters to be Amber, gesturing towards a visitor’s purse, expressing an interest in inspecting its contents. Another TikTok post featured Amber requesting to see a guest’s 2-week-old newborn.