Вс. Май 26th, 2024

It was a miracle that these kayakers happened to be on on a quiet part of Blackstone River in Massachusetts.

They spotted a potato sack floating in the river and thought nothing of it until they heard noises coming from the sack.

What they discovered inside has shocked the nation and now police are investigating.


They saw the tied up sack move and pulled it out of the water to find six newborn puppies inside.

Thankfully, they were all alive. The kayakers were able to rescue the dogs and contact the relevant authorities, CBS reported.

“I believe as a police chief they had guardian angels looking over them, these kayakers,” Uxbridge Police Department Chief Jeffrey Lourie said.

“It was only a matter of time before they were all submerged and perished.”

The puppies are thought to be seven days old.

Officers are looking for the “low life” person responsible, according to a post from the department on Facebook,

“Obviously this is a heinous act, unconscionable,” Lourie said. “We definitely want to be able to charge [the suspect] with six counts of cruelty to animals.”

They are now in the care of Uxbridge Animal Control, Lourie added.

These acts of animal cruelty astound me. It’s heartbreaking. Thankfully someone was watching over them and they are now in safe hands.

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