Ср. Июл 24th, 2024

Snakes are beautiful creatures to admire, and indeed, they are fascinating animals. However, it’s preferable if they stay in their natural habitats…

My worst nightmare is to have a snake enter my house; honestly, I wouldn’t know how to react.

Now imagine if a massive 12-foot python suddenly slithers up your toilet…

This is precisely what happened in Thailand, and images from this incident have now gone viral. On March 17, a family in Samut Prakan, Thailand, experienced a horrifying moment as they discovered a python rearing up from their toilet bowl.

Screenshot / News Flare

Following the distressing incident, a wildlife team was summoned to assist in extracting the 12-foot-long reptile trapped within the toilet’s plumbing system.

According to News Flare, housewife Suwi Paramas had just finished using the bathroom and was washing her hands when an alarming sight unfolded before her eyes. To her utmost horror, a large yellowish reptile suddenly emerged in the toilet, sending shivers down her spine.

Filled with terror, Suwi ran out of the room. Her screams echoed through the house, and her husband and brother-in-law soon realized that something was very wrong.

They family rang the emergency services, who came to the rescue.

Video footage shows how the wildlife team used a specialized tool to secure the snake. But despite the efforts of two men attempting to force the python out, their mission failed. It was hard to get a good grip and the situation escalated.

Screenshot / News Flare

”I was so scared. I couldn’t even watch why they were catching the snake. It could have killed me,” Suwi said, according to News Flare.

Eventually, with the consent of the family, a decision was made to break the ceramic basin, even with the snake still trapped in the curved section of the plumbing, known as the u-bend.

However, due to its huge stomach, it proved impossible to pull it out directly from the hole. Instead, the wildlife team had to dismantle the pipework and retrieve the snake from the opposite side, carefully maneuvering it out to ensure the safety of both the reptile and the plumbing system.

Things could have turned out quite differently, but fortunately, the entire situation was handled professionally. No injuries were reported during the incident and the snake was carefully taken by the rescuers with the intention of releasing it back into its natural habitat.

Screenshot / News Flare

Hopefully, this curious snake will remain there in the future.

This is far from the first time that a python has appeared in toilets in Thailand and they usually come out during the hot season to search for cool and wet spots.

In 2021, a series of startling incidents involving snakes in toilets occurred in Southeast Asia. One such incident involved a massive 8-foot-long python, who was pulled out of the toilet after biting man in the butt. In 2016, a Thai man was sent to the hospital after a 10ft python emerged from a squat toilet and sank its teeth into his penis.