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After several years of mastering horror in film, Hollywood has successfully villainized harmless toys that now trigger paralyzing fear in some people.

While we know those fears are irrational, images of an orange-haired, knife-wielding doll or a creepy clown in a rocking chair are hard to forget.

Recently, while renovating a newly purchased home, a woman found buried deep in the walls of her 1960’s house, a vintage Luxury suitcase. When she opened it, she was completely shocked, her dog left shaken, and now netizens are urging her to sell her house…

In early December 2023, an online user started sharing her journey with the 1966 “Stonestack” home she recently purchased with her partner.

In a photo showing the exterior of the large house, the woman writes it “is full of hidden gems and character,” which includes a purple rug, a pink bidet, tub and toilet, along with a sauna in the bathroom.

Weeks later, as the couple was deep in the complete overhaul to modernize the old house, the woman discovered some “hidden gems” that left her a bit “scared.”

Creepy crawl space

Tucked behind two doors and a curtain, was a crawl space, too small for her to creep inside.

The woman initially thought the space was just for storage, but her mind changed when she noticed part of it was blocked off.

Using a flashlight to peek inside the dark space on an upper level of the house, she saw a hard-shelled silver suitcase, leaning against a wooden frame of the home.

Looking for an alternate “access hatch” that she could fit, the woman started exploring every nook and cranny, hoping for the gateway.

She finally found a little door in one her closets, which on the inside was also covered by a curtain.

When she turned on the light switch, the area was wallpapered and carpeted, but she couldn’t spot the suitcase.

“I got a little bit scared, I couldn’t see the suitcase,” she says in the second part of her four-part suitcase series. The woman then walks across the navy blue rug to yet another door, which after trying to jimmy it open, she realizes is locked. “I tried to get in it…I’m not going to lie I did get scared and waited for my partner to come back home.”

Unpacking the mystery

Later, in the third clip shared on TikTok, users see the couple getting through the door and slowly walking toward the mysterious suitcase.

Her partner carries the aluminum luggage out of the storage space and passes it off to the woman, who then places in on the ground.

The first thing they discovered is that it’s a luxury suitcase, Rimowa, which is now mostly owned by Louis Vuitton. Vintage Rimowa’s, depending on the condition, can fetch up to $2,000.

They next realized because “there was no hideous smell,” there was no dead body inside.

Opening the large case, they found a matching smaller one inside.

We then see her black and white Border Collie sitting next to his humans who are exploring the new treasure. “My dog came up at this time and he was acting a little bit weird, I think he was a little bit scared to see what was in there.”

She adds, “But he didn’t need to be [scared] because there were just some old sweets, a sewing kit, a pencil and nothing out of the ordinary.”

Then, as she opens the second case, also a valuable Rimowa, we hear her partner mumble, “what the f***.”

Strapped inside was a ginger-haired doll, wearing a pink knitted dress, that looks like the demon doll from the Annabelle film franchise.

“In the case there was a strange doll, it’s nothing out of a horror movie or out of the ordinary but it is a really strange doll. It is a little bit weird especially because it was strapped in. I don’t know how I feel about that,” she says.

Next, she shows a closeup of “the very disturbing doll,” and online fans started warning the woman, telling her to call an exorcist.

“Ohhh yayy, we bought a new house, it even comes with its own little demon doll,” writes one. A second shares, “That doll is haunted, and the dog knows it.”

Another netizen asks, “Keep us updated on what you have awoken please.”

Meanwhile, others were envious of her luxury luggage.

“Am I only one jealous they got a free Rimowa suitcase?” says one. Another writes, “That’s an expensive case!!”

In a fourth clip, the new homeowner offers users an update on what’s been happening since they brought the doll out of what kept her contained.

“Since finding the doll, we have a noticed a few strange things occurring. The electrics for instance, directly underneath where the doll was found, started to flicker,” she says, showing viewers the flickering lights over her head.

“We don’t know if the things happening in the house were a coincidence or if they are in fact tied to the doll. She has found a new home for now but we’re not entirely sure what we’re doing with her.”

Users then see the doll, that she confirms is a 1960’s toilet paper roll holder, sitting on the window sill above her pink sink and tub, in the bathroom with the purple rug.

“Sell the house.. that [doll] was double protected for a reason,” warns one user.

What would you do if you found a creepy doll strapped in a suitcase, locked behind two doors in your new home? I’d burn the house with the doll in it.

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