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When an old acquaintance from long ago asked Carrie and Craig Kosinski to watch her baby twins, they said yes.

Craig and Carrie offered to take care of the cute girls for a while.

Days became weeks, and weeks became months, until at last the girls became a permanent member of the family.

Having children had always been Carrie and Craig’s desire, but they had no idea how their journey would unfold.

On February 28, 2014, Adalynn and Kenna were born. Following an emergency C-section delivery of the twins, the Kosinkis were given legal possession of the young girls at three months of age.

After raising their adopted twins for a few years, Carrie and Craig received a call from their biological mother, who disclosed that she was facing yet another devastating event.

She was facing significant obstacles in her life and struggling to make things work. She inquired about the couple’s willingness to adopt her two younger children, the two-year-old twins Cece and J.J.


Kenna and Adalynn shared biological ties with the younger twins.

Carrie and Craig, from Union Grove, Wisconsin, had to carefully weigh their options.

The couple started the adoption process with Kenna and Adalynn after multiple failed efforts to become pregnant.

After seeking medical assistance since they had been unsure of what was ailing for some time, the doctor delivered some heartbreaking news.

The doctor told Carrie that she couldn’t conceive naturally because of her severe endometriosis. Consequently, it was practically impossible for them to have biological children, which is why they first looked into adoption.

“It was a challenging choice. We were attempting to conceive ourselves. However, since they were siblings, that was undoubtedly taken into account; we wanted to keep the siblings together, Carrie stated to The Journal Times.

Nevertheless, Carrie and Craig set aside their own concerns and told the mother that they would be happy to adopt the younger twins.

However, Carrie felt strange soon after welcoming Cece and J.J. into the family, and she knew she needed to see a doctor.

In September 2015, Carrie’s pregnancy was confirmed by ultrasound. On the screen, there were actually two fetuses! She and Craig welcomed three pairs of twins in the last five years.

“We were extremely happy, but in shock,” said Carrie Kosinski.

Despite their first overwhelm, Craig and Carrie realized their pregnancy was a gift from a higher power. The parents decided that all six of the kids would grow up in a safe and caring environment.

However, the family would soon be reunited with destiny, and their medical team was in shock at what had happened.

Remarkably, biological twins Karraline and Clarissa shared the dates of birth of the other two sets of twins, which were February 28 and March 1.

We were taken aback. “Oh my God, we are going to have three sets of twins,” we said. “What will we do with ourselves?” Carrie asked herself.

The happy parents claim that the fact that Carrie and Craig’s children have the same birthday is unmistakable evidence that this was meant to be.

Carrie is quoted in the Journal Times as commenting, “God certainly has a sense of humor.”

Karraline and Clarissa were born to Carrie via in vitro fertilization in week 25 of her pregnancy. Their biological twins, regrettably, spent several months in neonatal intensive care. But when Karraline and Clarissa were eventually allowed to go home, they were in good physical condition.

It is obviously expensive to have three pairs of twins living under one roof, but a number of neighbors have contributed financial support.

Through crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe and AdoptTogether, the family received financial support from generous strangers around the country to pay for their escalating expenses and costly charges.

Carrie adds, “I have to be very organized and stick to a schedule, or things get out of hand.”

Since all six of their children were born on the same day—Cece and J.J. on February 28, 2013, Adalynn and Kenna on February 28, 2014, and Karraline and Clarissa on February 28, 2016—Craig and Carrie feel that someone above had a specific plan for their family.

“We feel that we were destined to adopt these kids into our family because God welcomed us into His,” Carrie stated. It truly is a godsend to us. Every one of our kids is loved equally. We wouldn’t desire a different course for our life.

This family is happy right now, and Carrie and Craig must feel very blessed to watch all these lovely children grow up.

“They are all really dissimilar. We get tugged in six different directions, but it’s really enjoyable that each has their own personality, Carrie told Today.

I sincerely appreciate Craig and Carrie’s kindness and generosity. It is truly admirable that they are parenting four children as if they were their own.

It appears that the couple was rewarded for their efforts because they were able to conceive their own biological children.

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