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A couple from New York always turn heads wherever they go. Their striking age gap made people often think they were father and daughter. Gretchen Dillon, 36, only dated women before meeting Michael Dillon, 63, at a grocery store. They are both from Syracuse, New York, and they met by chance at a grocery store in 2014.

After some small talk, they formed a friendship, eventually becoming something more. Seven months after meeting, they took their relationship to the next level and started dating. They never saw their age gap as a hindrance to their love. Three years into their relationship, they married and decided to start a family.

Taking Their Relationship to the Next Level

Through the years, they were subject to the judgment of their families, friends, and even strangers. With an infant son now in their lives, people often think that Michael is the baby’s grandfather.

“People often mistake my husband for my dad, but we just laugh it off,” Gretchen shared. Often, when people get to know them, their perceptions change, and they begin to understand why the couple is meant to be together.

During the early days of their relationship, even Gretchen’s friends tried to talk her out of it. “My friend tried to stop me from marrying him. She kept saying I was going to be a widow,” she revealed.

However, she loved Michael and didn’t care what anyone would think. She was going to marry him no matter what other people said. That friend didn’t end up on their wedding invite list. Gretchen decided to cut her out of her life once and for all.

Likewise, Michael’s friends couldn’t understand why he had to date someone almost thirty years younger than him. However, they understood why they made such a good pair after seeing them together and getting accustomed to their presence.

During their first night together, Gretchen found herself disappointed. She later revealed she became “upset” because, in her head, she never thought she would be with an older man.

It took some time for her to be comfortable with the fact that she’d be with Michael for the rest of her life, but she eventually came to terms with it. Now, she’s never been happier with their life together. They welcomed their son Shannon in October 2021. Michael had one child from a previous relationship and was also a stepfather.

However, Michael being a father to Shannon was different, according to Gretchen. Because of his age, she believes his knowledge and experience made him an even better dad.

While he can’t be horsing around with his son all day because his body refuses him, he still loves playing with his son. He is a hands-on dad and has a lot of patience for the little guy.

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In the same way, people mistake Michael for Gretchen’s dad; people also mistake him for Shannon’s granddad. It’s not an issue to them, and they see it as a laughing matter.

However, while it’s been the best experience raising a child together, it’s also come with many challenges. Since Shannon is old enough to have a playgroup, he sometimes brings home viruses that Michael’s immune system cannot fight off, as well as Gretchen’s immune can.

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However, they’ve learned to take precautions to keep Michael in good health. In fact, at times, Gretchen feels she’s the old lady while Michael is the younger one.

Through it all, Gretchen had one thing to say to those in similar situations: she urged others to follow their gut — that they should go for what they want because life is too short to be unhappy.

Internet user comments dated 2022 | Source: Daily Mail UK