Чт. Май 30th, 2024

Tina Hines experienced a miraculous survival after a severe cardiac arrest, awakening with a compelling message for her loved ones. During a planned trek near their Phoenix home last February, Tina suddenly collapsed, prompting her husband Brian to administer life-saving CPR. Tina was resuscitated six times during the ordeal, spending a total of 27 minutes technically “dead.”

Upon regaining consciousness at the hospital, Tina urgently motioned for a pen to scribble a cryptic note that read, “it’s real,” referring to her vivid vision of heaven during her near-death experience. She described vibrant colors and the presence of a figure resembling Jesus near illuminated gates.

Although Tina could only nod in response to inquiries due to intubation, her message left an indelible impact on her family. Brian’s timely CPR played a crucial role in her survival, as abrupt cardiac arrests often result in fatalities outside medical settings. Tina’s niece, Madie, even got her aunt’s message tattooed on her wrist, inspired by her remarkable story.

While scientific understanding of near-death experiences remains elusive, Tina’s encounter underscores the mysterious nature of life beyond clinical death. Despite challenges in deciphering the brain’s activity during such moments, Tina’s message resonates as a testament to the reality of paradise beyond earthly realms.