Ср. Июл 24th, 2024

“My beloved daughter, regarded as the intellectual powerhouse of the royal family and undoubtedly successful, is not alone in her commitment to speaking truth to power,” Ragland affirmed. She urged, “It’s time to cease the persecution against her.”

Ragland emphasized Meghan’s intellectual prowess and courage to confront authority. “My daughter embodies not just intelligence, but a rare courage to confront power with truth,” she stated with maternal pride.

She underscored Meghan’s unwavering commitment to speaking truth to figures such as King Charles, Prince William, and even her husband, Prince Harry. Ragland’s words carried weight—a recognition of the risks Meghan faces for challenging royal norms.

“Meghan faces repercussions for her bravery, but she refuses to be silenced by fear,” Ragland asserted with a mix of admiration and concern.

She lamented the harsh treatment Meghan endures, condemning relentless scrutiny and persecution. “It pains me to witness the harsh treatment she endures,” Ragland expressed with indignation. “But she remains steadfast in her convictions, undeterred by the backlash.”

In an impassioned plea, Ragland called for empathy and understanding, urging recognition of Meghan as a woman of substance, integrity, and unwavering courage. “It is time to cease the persecution and embrace the truth that Meghan bravely upholds,” she implored, echoing a mother’s love and a fierce sense of justice.