Чт. Июн 20th, 2024

A hot car is the worst place to leave a dog: dogs are susceptible to heat stroke and many pets have died from being left in vehicles.

That was nearly the fate for one sweet dog — but now he has a great new life with the people who saved him.

Earlier this month, a concerned citizen in East Haven, Connecticut called authorities about a 6-month-old puppy locked in an overheating car near the beach, according to the local Patch. The temperatures inside the car was reportedly 122 degrees.

It’s horrible to think what would’ve happened to the pup if he hadn’t been rescued in time, but crisis was averted thanks to the East Haven Fire Department.

The story touched the heart of East Haven Mayor Joseph A. Carfora. After the puppy was checked out at the local animal shelter, the dog visited the mayor at Town Hall.

After being smitten with the adorable rescued pup, Carfora received requests that the town adopt him as a mascot. After discussion, it was decided that the pup should be adopted by the people who rescued him: he’ll now live at the fire department headquarters and have the honorary title of “Station Support Dog.”

“He has a great temperament and will get along with the on-duty crews as well as be an ambassador to the department at public education and community events,” Carfora said in a statement.

The town held a naming contest for the pup, and they decided to call him “Riggs.” Riggs is now settling in to his new life as an honorary fire dog and a beloved fixture of the community.

“As Riggs settles into his new role, the department looks forward to the positive impact he will have on the well-being of the firefighters and the broader community,” the mayor wrote.

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