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Jaydon Pettipas and Aidan Hart, two kind-hearted friends from the Canadian town of Saint Andrews in New Brunswick, noticed a group of people gathered around a car. They were curious to learn what was going on, so they approached closer and were shocked by the sight. An animal, which was totally unrecognizable and looked frozen, was stuck under the car.

After inspecting closely, they realized it was a squirrel covered in insulation foam. The poor soul was unable to move and was in distress, and it was very obvious that it didn’t have much time to live. In order to change that, the two teens decided to do all in their power to save the powerless animal. “There was nothing recognizable about it,” 15-year-old Jaydon told CBC Canada.

So, they called Jaydon’s mom and told her what was going on. She agreed to help and called a veterinary clinic which was around 20 miles away from the place the squirrel was found. Until the boys’ waited to Jaydon’s mom, they grabbed a milk crate and put the squirrel in it.

“I had never seen anything like this before,” Dr. Melanie Eagan, from St. George Veterinary Clinic said.

She said the squirrel was so encrusted in the insulation foam, it could only move its back legs slightly. “Someone was probably patching up a hole trying to keep a draft out and this little guy ran through it when it was still wet,” she said. “But that stuff hardens pretty quickly so it wouldn’t have taken long for him to become in distress.”

Luckily, the vets were determined to help the little soul, and after rubbing alcohol to loosen the foam from the animal’s fur and a lot of patience, the squirrel was finally free to move. After some time, it was released into the wild.

Teens find ‘frozen’ creature stuck under the car, drop everything to help it
Photo: Facebook/St. George Veterinary Clinic

If it wasn’t for Jaydon and Aidan, the squirrel would have easily died.

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