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At the age of 77, legendary pop icon Cher continues to defy the passage of time. It’s a technique accessible to everyone: a pair of jeans and long, flowing hair. Cher’s enduring appeal serves as an inspiring reminder that age is just one aspect of a vibrant and multifaceted life.

Cher’s secrets to a youthful appearance

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Cher’s revelation challenges conventional notions of beauty and aging, emphasizing the importance of personal style and self-expression. As she approaches turning 80, the fashion icon has candidly shared her age-defying secret: wearing jeans and maintaining her long locks.

“I just can’t believe I will be 80 at some point, sooner than I wish,” she said on Good Morning America recently. “And I will still be wearing my jeans, and I will still be wearing long hair, and I will still be doing the same stuff I’ve always done,” the pop star continued.

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She elaborated on her determination to hold onto the markers of her youth — the jeans and her cascading hair. Cher revealed, “I remember when my friend Paulette and I were talking about when we were going to have to cut our hair and stop wearing jeans because it seemed like in those days, that’s what women did — and it hasn’t hit yet.”

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Cher credited her family’s ‘pretty amazing’ genes with her mother, Georgia Holt, living to the impressive age of 96 before passing away in December. “I don’t know if not feeling old makes you younger. I keep up with the trends. I have lots of young friends. I have old friends, too,” she said.

“Honestly, I’m not trying to feel young. I’m not trying to be young. I am who I am. I’m just getting along,” the Oscar winner and music producer added.

Other secrets of youth

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Genetics and expensive plastic surgery also undeniably contribute to Cher’s timeless appearance. The pop culture icon also has other accessible techniques that anyone can adopt.

  • First and foremost, Cher, like Jennifer Lopez and other stars, stays away from harmful habits. She thinks these habits can make the skin lose its color, texture, and firmness, which leads to wrinkles over time.
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  • Balancing healthy eating with occasional treats is critical for Cher. She’s stuck to a diet her whole career, keeping her in shape at 5’8″ and 134 lbs. She avoids meat, limits cheese and milk, but occasionally enjoys desserts, especially chocolate.
  • She leads an active life, staying committed to her fitness routine well into her seventies. Thanks to her dedicated coach, Cher engages in cardio workouts five times a week, who doesn’t let age be an excuse. This commitment enables her to easily excel in concerts, photoshoots, and fashion appearances.
  • She continues to evolve and grow. Cher attributes her youthful appearance primarily to her strong work ethic. She believes that staying active gives her a sense of purpose, aids in combating anxiety, and fosters enjoyable interactions with people, ultimately reducing the impact of stress on her skin.
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  • The famous pop singer also likes to undergo beauty procedures like dyeing her hair. Cher has never appeared in public with gray hair. She says she’ll never let her hair get gray. “That’s fine for other girls, I’m just not doing it.”

Her presence during Paris Fashion Week for the Spring-Summer 2023 season


Cher continues to inspire people, not only with her youthful appearance but also with her accomplishments. She also continues to live life to the fullest, enjoying herself by attending parties with rap singer Tyga, launching fragrance collections, and participating in events like Paris Fashion Week.

At Paris Fashion Week 2022, Cher made a memorable appearance during the final show by Balmain. The pop icon graced the runway alongside the creative director, Olivier Rousteing, effortlessly stealing the spotlight from the professional models.

Her ensemble created quite a buzz — she sported stunning overalls with sculpted shoulders, complemented by rock-and-roll gloves. The massive leather boots and vibrant electric silver eyeshadow harkened back to her iconic, over-the-top concerts. Cher expressed her delight, describing the experience as possibly the best fashion show she had ever been a part of.

In a world where age often dictates limitations, Cher continues to defy expectations. With her timeless beauty, unwavering dedication to fitness, and bold fashion statements, she inspires generations.

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