Пн. Июл 22nd, 2024

One day a woman discovered food scraps at the door of her house. Initially, she thought it was a prank, but when a police officer explained what it meant, the surprise was great.

Maria Celino-Straker from Manchester (UK) had the unpleasant surprise of discovering food on the door of her house. Someone threw a can of red beans on the doorstep of the house, and when she saw this, the woman thought that a child or young man in the neighborhood had made a prank on her.

However, a policeman explained that behind such a gesture may be an explanation that few would have thought. When she heard what it was about, the woman was more than surprised.

A woman found food scraps at the door of her house and a police officer explained what this could mean.

One day, when she returned home, Maria Celino-Straker from Manchester saw that someone had thrown an entire can of red beans on her door. As expected, the discovery left a bitter taste in him and he considered for a moment that a child or young man in the neighborhood wanted to “take revenge” or have fun, making a joke.

The British woman cleaned up, but she couldn’t easily forget what happened. Later, while talking to a relative (who happened to be a former police officer), she recounted what had happened. Hearing the details of the incident, the lawman explained that it was not just a gesture made out of pure amusement, but rather a sign as serious as possible.

According to the details revealed by the former police officer, food scraps or various objects left at the entrance to a house can be a clear sign that a thief has set his eyes on the house. To ensure that the owners are gone, the offender monitors whether the dirt or objects left there are removed. Otherwise, the thief acts, knowing that no one is home.

Frightened by what she found out, Maria Celino-Straker decided to share this detail with her Facebook followers. Through a post, the woman told what happened to her and what she found out from the police, in order to warn other people about a possible danger.