Пн. Июл 22nd, 2024

The oceans and the seas are mysterious places, but thanks to the researchers and people who love marine life, we learn more and more about the secrets and the creatures deep waters hide.

Recently, a breathtaking discovery was made in the Pacific Ocean by a group of scientists and we are left puzzled and unable to give an answer to the question of what this new discovery might mean.

Credit / YouTube – EVNautilus

Namely, in an attempt to investigate a split in the Lili’uokalani Ridge Seamounts in Hawaii using a remotely operated vehicle, the members of the Exploration Vessel Nautilu came across a ‘yellow brick road’ which left both stunned and totally surprised.

At the moment they made the stunning discovery which raised plenty of questions, the crew was going live and streaming their journey under the ocean. To their surprise, and the surprise of everyone who got to see the footage, they suddenly noticed what resembles a man-made road composed of yellow, rectangular blocks.

“It’s the road to Atlantis,” one of the crew members could be heard saying. “The yellow brick road?” another adds. “This is bizarre. Are you kidding me? This is crazy?” a third added.

Credit / YouTube – EVNautilus

People couldn’t help but make guesses of how this ‘road’ was made. However, it turns out that there is a scientific explanation behind the discovery that caused a stir on the social media.

Researchers describe the ‘yellow brick road’ as “an example of ancient active volcanic geography.”

“At the summit of Nootka Seamount, the team spotted a “dried lake bed” formation, now IDed as a fractured flow of hyaloclastite rock (a volcanic rock formed in high-energy eruptions where many rock fragments settle to the seabed).”

You can take a look at the video below.

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Aren’t the oceans fascinating to explore? Only God knows what they truly hide.

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