Пт. Июл 12th, 2024

Mia Yillin, a popular TikTok creator, recently shared an optical illusion that also serves as a personality test. The illusion consists of two images, a crow and a face, and what you notice first can reveal aspects of your personality.

If you see the crow first, it indicates that you tend to be judgmental. However, this doesn’t necessarily imply negativity; it means you form strong opinions about others with a strong intuition, often proving your suspicions correct.

If you notice the face first, it suggests you are highly self-critical as a defense mechanism to avoid being disliked or rejected. You preemptively critique and demean yourself to prevent potential rejection.

Mia’s TikTok post explaining this illusion received over 972,000 views, and viewers praised her accuracy in the comments. One viewer noted the precision of the crow explanation.

In essence, this optical illusion on TikTok provides insights into our personality traits, either as judgmental individuals or those who are excessively self-critical as a form of self-defense.