Вс. Июл 21st, 2024

A heartfelt Facebook post from a mother went viral when she shared her touching story about her son’s anxiety and her unique way of comforting him.

In her post, Liz Petrone described her son’s escalating anxiety, which seemed to have no apparent cause. She pondered whether it was the sudden shift in seasons, the rapid approach of the holidays, or her son’s anticipation of Christmas. One day, he tearfully clung to her as his school bus pulled away.

Photo Credit: Liz Petrone/Facebook, Pexels
Photo Credit: Liz Petrone/Facebook, Pexels

The following morning, Liz decided to offer her son a symbol of reassurance. She retrieved a pen from her coat pocket, kissed his wrist, where their shared blood flows, and drew a heart. She told her son, “I know it’s hard sometimes out there, but I want you to look at this heart every time it feels like too much. I want you to look and remember that someone is waiting for you to come home, someone loves you.” He boarded the bus, and instead of acknowledging his mother, he focused on the heart on his wrist.

Liz reflected on the challenges faced by many during tough times, especially around the holidays, and she stressed the power of a simple gesture like the heart on her son’s wrist to provide comfort. Her post quickly gained widespread attention, with readers commending her touching way of comforting her son during their time apart.

Many Facebook users praised the post, calling it “amazing,” a “great idea,” and commending Liz as a “good mom” for sharing this heartwarming story.