Сб. Фев 24th, 2024

A woman, referred to as OP, shared her distressing story on Reddit’s “Off My Chest” section. Engaged for six years, her fiancé, Ryan, surprised her a month before the wedding by insisting she not wear a white gown, citing an unsettling reason. Despite her initial dismissal, their disagreement escalated, leaving OP feeling disgusted and questioning their future.

The tension peaked when OP, determined to wear white, purchased her wedding gown two weeks before the ceremony. Ryan’s furious reaction and insistence on seeing the dress hinted at deeper issues. When revealed that it was white, he explosively expressed his belief that brides should only wear white if they are “pure.” This revelation stemmed from his fixation on OP’s past, particularly her loss of virginity at 18.

The conflict extended to involving Ryan’s mother, who sided with OP. Emotional debates about attire symbolism unfolded, with even Ryan’s mother pointing out the inconsistency in his argument, given his own loss of virginity.

Despite tearful confrontations, Ryan maintained his stance, suggesting a double standard for men.

The aftermath shattered OP’s confidence in marrying Ryan. His obsession with her past, despite not being particularly religious, left her disgusted and prompted deep reflection on their relationship. Seeking understanding, OP updated on the “Dating Advice” topic on November 24, 2022, revealing she had broken off the engagement and was on her first date in six years.

As she navigated this new chapter, contemplating what to wear for her first date, the Reddit community was asked to weigh in on OP’s decision to cancel her engagement. The narrative highlighted the complexity of relationships, societal expectations, and the importance of self-respect in navigating such challenges.