Пт. Июл 12th, 2024

A woman engaged to her fiance for five months shared her frustration on Reddit. Despite her recent 30% salary increase, her fiance, who didn’t share finances, began pressuring her to cover restaurant bills for him and his friends.

Tired of being manipulated into paying, she firmly declared she wouldn’t cover the expenses during a dinner outing.

Despite her upfront stance, in the middle of the meal, the fiance whispered that she would pay again, expecting her not to create a scene.

Enraged, she discreetly paid her own bill, sneaked out of the restaurant, and left without causing a commotion. The fiance, bewildered, called and texted her, seeking an explanation.

In response, she conveyed her displeasure with his attempts to trick her into covering the expenses. Frustrated and disappointed, she revealed she had gone home and chose not to engage further in the conversation.

The incident highlighted the strain in their relationship, stemming from his discomfort with her higher income and his manipulative behavior to exploit her financial success.